Raise Money Selling Custom Clothing… Without Buying and Holding Stock

Campaign Stores take the hassle and risk out of using branded merchandise to help promote your cause. Start an online fundraising store with nothing more than a logo.

Here’s how it works

Fundraising for your charity, school or cause is easier than you think, because we do the hard work for you. Simply send us your artwork and we’ll set you up with a FREE online clothing store. Every time you make a sale, we’ll fulfil the order. Forget loading up the van, scribbled accounts, and a boot full of unsold stock. Outsource the hassle to us.

Set the price. Then, every time an item is sold, you get a share of the profit. It’s that simple.

There’s no catch, no time limit and no minimum order. Your online store is 100% FREE. And you won’t get stung with any hidden charges.

Are you ready to start your fundraiser and smash your campaign target?

Piggy Bank


We set you up with a FREE personalised Campaign Store.



Share your site, encouraging folks to buy, and pass the message on.


As orders come in, we print your branded clothing on demand, leaving you free to focus on promotion.


Fundraising is time sensitive, so we ensure your profits are paid out within 14 days.

Spread the word in style


Don’t just feel good making a difference. Look good while you’re doing it.

Our sweatshirts and tees are retail quality, rivalling designer labels you find on the high street. Smart and stylish, your supporters will wear them with pride.

Stores that convert 

Mobile friendly

Campaign Stores look great on any device. There are links to customer support and you can take your campaign viral with built in buttons for social sharing.

Choose your domain name

Promote your cause with a domain name that your supporters will instantly recognise and keep on coming back to.

Store addresses can look like this:

  • www.campaignstore.co.uk/yourname

Or use your own domain name by embedding the store into your website with a snippet of code.

campaign store websites on different devices

Rocket speed delivery


Orders are fulfilled on site as soon as they’re placed, so your supporters receive their goods in a matter of days.

No third parties, no delays, and no disappointments.

Join thousands of nonprofits, companies and individuals fundraising each week.

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Animal Rescue

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Schools and Education Fundraising

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Clubs and Societies Fundraising

Clubs and Societies

Hospital Fundraising

Hospitals and Medics

Charity Fundraising

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Event Fundraising

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All zero risk and 100% FREE.

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