We’re Campaignstore, and we’ve got a way you can make money selling branded merchandise before its even made…

About Us

At Campaignstore we understand fundraising keeps on getting harder. So, instead of rattling a tin or spamming a GoFundMe link, we help you get creative and give something back in return. Taking the hassle, and risk, out of selling branded merchandise to raise money for good causes.

I founded the business after I got dragged along to a local fundraising event. There was the usual merchandise set up – a couple of people selling t-shirts from a table, writing down orders and scrabbling for change. The shirts looked a little shoddy. They didn’t sell that many and had to take all the unsold stock home at the end of the night. Plus, it turned out, the clothing only just got there in time after problems with the supplier who was based overseas.

I already had an award-winning branded merchandise business, embroidering for big brands like Disney, Harley Davison, Budweiser, BBC, Guinness, Red Bull. And what I saw that night got me thinking. Could I help even the smallest fundraisers raise their game with better quality products AND make the whole process easier?

The result was Campaignstore. Individually branded online clothing stores built for fundraising, backed by on demand order fulfilment here in the UK. No need to buy and hold stock, no need to manage inventory, no minimum order and no frustrating delays. Just a seamless way for absolutely anyone to raise money selling custom clothing online without any financial commitment.

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Dean Roscoe
Owner and Founder

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